Garden machines in application for a green oasis on the fringe of the Alps

Garden machines in application for a green oasis on the fringe of the Alps

Lush lawns, stepped sloping gardens and large plants: These are the wishes to be implemented in the garden design project in Murnau within the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district. Wacker Neuson’s flexibly usable garden machines are just right for this.

From small to large: appropriate machines for the garden landscaping sector

In Murnau, the garden design project of a detached property is in its final phase. In order to be able to master the complex tasks accurately, the gardening and landscaping company Hoffmann-Gärten, has rented a range of Wacker Neuson machines. From battery-powered rammers through to the 6.5 ton EW65 wheeled excavator, everything is included. “Wacker Neuson has many machines that I need for my daily work in gardening and landscaping. The reliability and serviceability of the machines and the pric/performance ratio have won us over”, said Roland Hoffmann, who founded his gardening and landscaping company in 2001 and is now responsible for eight employees.

Remain flexible by renting

Hoffmann places his bet on renting rather than owning. Quite simply for the reason that he is always carrying out very different projects. Every garden or garden area project is different. As a result, so are the demands of him and his team. In order to remain flexible and to be able to work accurately, he rents the necessary landscaping machines from the PUS dealer in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which represents Wacker Neuson. Here he not only obtains the appropriate machines and units for application, but he also gets the relevant service.

Transportation of sensitive material

For the re-design of a garden, some things simply cannot be left out: new shrubs, perennials and trees. These were delivered by truck and had to be carefully unloaded on-site. Placing the bucket in the loading space is a breeze for the telehandler TH412, with a lift height of up to 4.5 meters and a maximum payload of over one metric tonne. This makes it very easy to unload the plants from the truck. “This saves us loads of time and real back-breaking work,” reports Roland Hoffmann. “By doing this, the telehandler is still way under its load limit.”

VDS for convenient working

The “Vertical Digging System”, in short VDS, option is also integrated into the used mini-excavator ET18. It enables the continuous tilting of the upper structure by 15 degrees and the operator can compensate gradients of up to 27 percent at the press of a button. This feature paid off with the excavation of the holes for planting, which ensured more productivity and efficiency. “Especially here in the mountains, we have many construction sites on slopes. We have one excavator with VDS and one without. For construction sites with gradients, we always plan to use the ET18 with VDS,” adds Roland Hoffmann.


Alongside the ET18 tracked excavator, a wheeled excavator by Wacker Neuson could also utilize its strengths: In order to avoid removing the fence already installed and to not have to damage the already existing vegetation, the EW65 excavator simply lifted the smaller trees and shrubs over the fence and into the garden. After the work was completed, it then drove on its own wheels at around 30 km/h to the next construction site belonging to Hoffmann-Gärten in the surrounding 20 kilometer Garmisch-Partenkirchen.



Wacker Neuson is proud to be a global brand. Products and services vary from country to country and may not be available in your local market.

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