Wheel loaders in winter service

Wheel loaders in winter service

When winter comes, things can get messy fast on the roads. Snow and ice often cause real traffic chaos and the most well-traveled roads are cleared as quickly as possible. At the same time, it is important that side roads, foot paths or parking lots are also reliably cleared of snow and ice. Compact and maneuverable machines are especially needed for these applications: This is where the wheel loaders and telehandlers of Wacker Neuson really come into their own – equipped with the right attachments.

Wheel loaders were originally designed and developed for loading and moving goods. Due to the many hydraulic options – for example there are the functions Highflow, Load Sensing or Flow Sharing – they are true multitools and can therefore be used extremely economically throughout the entire year. The hydraulic quickhitch facility and the various attachments also make it possible to convert the Wacker Neuson wheel loaders and telehandlers into snow clearing equipment for winter service that clear the roads of ice and snow.

Attachments for winter service: flexible application

In order to convert the wheel loader or telehandler into a machine for winter service, Wacker Neuson offers a number of winter service attachments, including snow plows, V-snow plows, snow blowers or salt/gravel spreaders. In the event of a massive snowfall, snowplows are particularly ideal for clearing the masses of snow very fast and flexible. To clear the roads of ice, salt/gravel spreaders for salt or stone chippings are used, which can comfortably be operated from the operator’s seat. The special agitator technology ensures a uniform spreading of the salt on the roads here. The snow blowers are just as easy to operate, since in addition to changing the position of the discharge arm, the discharge distance can also be flexibly set.

In order to convert the wheel loader or telehandler into a machine for winter service, Wacker Neuson offers a number of winter service attachments.

Attachments for winter

In short – wheel loaders are not just ideal transport helpers, but they are also impressive in winter service. Their versatility trumps in daily use, no matter whether dealing with material transport or clearing parking lots or foot paths. In total, Wacker Neuson offers 13 wheel loaders with a bucket capacity between 0.2 and 1.8 cubic meters and a tipping load of between 1,215 and 7,739 kg. The telehandler segment comprises eleven models with a stacking height of between four and nine meters.


Wacker Neuson is proud to be a global brand. Products and services vary from country to country and may not be available in your local market.

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