The emission-free Construction Site

The emission-free Construction Site

A construction site that generates little noise and where no exhaust fumes are produced – not only do most residents dream of these, but so do many end users who usually spend eight hours working on the construction site. But how far are we actually from the emission-free construction site?

The last Bauma showed that the trend to electromobility in the construction machine industry continues. In April 2019 in Munich, numerous manufacturers presented how they envision the emission-free construction site. With equipment and machines that are quiet, powerful and yet economical. Whether the battery-powered mini-excavator or the electric version of the wheel loader – sustainability in the construction industry should be one thing above all: emission-free. One manufacturer that can already master the challenges of an entire inner city construction site with its products today even made electrification the focus of their trade fair appearance and at the same time delivered the appropriate hashtag with #electrifiedbauma.

Wacker Neuson Bauma 2019

Motivation for Green Action

The range of products on offer at Bauma makes it clear – the topic is taken seriously. There are various reasons for this. On the one hand, it’s about reducing the consumption of fossil fuels, while on the other, it’s about reducing exhaust emissions. Simply put, it’s about better air. Because that in turn is the topic of cities and municipalities – they urgently need to reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions. That is why there are also ever more stringent specifications for tenders, especially for construction sites in inner city areas. For construction companies, this then means: Only those companies that can comply with these regulations – with the corresponding equipment – remain in the race and are considered for certain orders in the first place.

On the one hand, it’s about reducing the consumption of fossil fuels, while on the other, it’s about reducing exhaust emissions.

Good for People and Nature

Another factor is the people affected, because residents and end users are the ones who benefit directly from emission-free construction sites. The more battery-powered equipment and machines that are in application, the better the air will be and therefore the working environment. The compaction of a trench is a good example. No emissions are generated here with a battery rammer. The end user can breathe easy. This advantage is rewarded in Germany by the BG Bau (German Professional Association for the Construction Industry) and promotes battery-powered compaction machines with a bonus.

The level of noise on construction sites is also significantly reduced. These are two arguments with which construction companies can impress as a possible employer in times of a shortage of skilled workers, but also as a visionary company. Especially as sustainability in the construction industry offers additional advantages: work indoors can be carried out without any problems and on top of that, the electrical equipment and machines are low-maintenance, and in some cases even maintenance-free.

Status Quo Emission-Free Construction Site

Even if the electric drive is part of the future, it will probably take some time until the topic of the emission-free construction site has finally become part of everyday life. The biggest question marks always arise when it comes to the topic of charging times and performance efficiency. Wacker Neuson’s battery-powered machines can already be used for an average workday and perform as well as their conventional siblings.

Wacker Neuson, the initiator of the #electrifiedbauma hashtag, launched the first electrically operated construction equipment as early as 2015 and has already gained a great deal of experience in the field of zero emission construction sites. In the future, the entire construction machine range will feature a wide variety of alternative drive systems, hybrid drives, synthetic fuels and similar technologies. Ultimately it will always be about customer benefits and market acceptance – because, depending on the area of application, completely different drives can be the right choice.


Wacker Neuson is proud to be a global brand. Products and services vary from country to country and may not be available in your local market.


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