Successful tunnel restoration with Dual View Dumpers

Successful tunnel restoration with Dual View Dumpers

Little space – much to do: The restoration of the Karawanken Tunnel is more than challenging. It’s a good thing that Wacker Neuson has the right construction machines in its portfolio for such confined construction sites: the innovative Dual View dumpers. The eight machines used on the site ideally suited to this kind of task. With the operating and seat console that can be turned 180 degrees, material transport in Strabag AG’s construction work in the Karawanken Tunnel is no problem, as strenuous turning and maneuvering are no longer necessary thanks to the rotating seat.

6 months, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 1,500 hours in action in total: the dumpers, with nine metric tons of payload, transported material in shift operation on the major construction site of the Karawanken Tunnel. To bring the 115-year-old train tunnel between Austria and Slovenia up to a safe and modern condition, the tunnel is being converted to one track. In addition, the tunnel vault and the portal structures, listed as historic monuments, are being restored, and a contemporary drainage system is being installed. In total, just short of 40,000 cubic meters of material were transported out of the tunnel using the dumpers.

Why did the executing construction company, Strabag AG, decided on the Dual View Dumpers?

“When modernizing the Karawanken Tunnel, it was important for us to be able to rely one hundred percent on the machines used there. The eight dumpers mastered their task perfectly under demanding conditions. The rotating seat was especially ideal for this construction site, as there is very little space to maneuver in the tunnel.”

– Project Manager at Strabag AG


What distinguishes Dual View?

A turn that has it all: That’s what makes our Dual View dumpers. Simply rotate the entire control and seat console by 180 and you have already changed the seat position and thus the viewing and forward driving direction. Time-consuming turning and maneuvering are therefore no longer necessary – a huge advantage in the confined spaces in the Karawanken Tunnel. The operator steers the wheel dumper with the unladen skip in the travel direction into the tunnel, loads it with a full view of the loading area and, after a 180-degree rotation of the seat, drives away again in the same way with a free line-of-sight without having to turn the vehicle. In this way, he always has the working environment in full view, which means significantly more safety. Even a fully loaded skip no longer blocks the view, because the operator leaves the skip behind him during travel, as with a truck.

Intuitive, safe, convenient

Time-tested and proven safety features such as the hydrostatic drive system, the wear-free spring-loaded parking brake, and operation via joystick, which allow the operator to always keep a hand on the steering wheel, ensure the simple and intuitive operation of the Dual View Dumpers. . Watch the video to learn more about the technical features:


“Beside the reliability and power of the machines, the easy handling convinced us. Due to shift operation, the operators change frequently, meaning that intuitive operation is particularly important for us. And: we save valuable time on instructing our employees.”  

– Project Manager at Strabag AG

You can find out more about our Dual View dumpers in the videos in our YouTube playlist, in the expert interview with Stefan Kurzmann, and in the article about an application of the dumpers in dike construction.



Overall, with the three Dual View Dumpers DV60, DV90 and DV100 with six, nine and ten metric tons payload, Wacker Neuson offers its customers 20 different models of track and wheel dumpers, which are characterized in particular by simple and safe operation as well as comfort. They can be flexibly outfitted and used to meet individual customer needs.



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