Soil compaction in Munich: from vibratory rammer to roller, everything in application

Soil compaction in Munich: from vibratory rammer to roller, everything in application

Vibratory rammers, plates, rollers – Wacker Neuson offers the right compaction equipment for almost every application: from the 30-kilogram vibratory rammer to the 7-metric ton drum roller, the right equipment is available for every type of soil compaction. How does this work in practice? It works like this, here on one of the Kassecker construction company’s construction sites in the Munich inner city, where the wide range of the Wacker Neuson portfolio for soil compaction is put into application.

District cooling installations in Munich – a classic major construction site located in the inner city for several years already that will still be there for some time. The vibratory rammers, plates and rollers by Wacker Neuson are always on board, for to be able to lay underground cables, the right compaction machines are needed after opening up the soil in different work steps. How does this look, exactly? Find out in the video:


Compacting step by step

These are the heroes when things get tight: as flexible and powerful machines, Wacker Neuson vibratory rammers are ideally suited for work in trench shoring and have been used for the compaction of material in pipe branching points as well as on the side of the pipes. In addition to the classic 4 stroke rammers, various 2 stroke rammer models have been put into application. Only Wacker Neuson offers 2 stroke rammers with a specially developed engine and impressively low total emissions. In 30-, 50- and 60-kilogram class, the three battery-powered rammers by Wacker Neuson compact fully without direct exhaust emissions – while delivering the same compaction performance as gasoline vibratory rammers of the same sizes.

2 stroke rammer BS30 and battery-powered rammer AS30e in application in compaction work.

Pleasant working with vibratory plates

When backfilling the trenches, the vibratory plates compact layer by layer and are in use for many hours. A big advantage for operators and the construction site organization: almost all the vibratory plates by Wacker Neuson achieve values of under 2.5 m/s² for hand-arm vibrations. With the remote-controlled vibratory plates DPU80r, DPU110r, DPU130r and the remote-controlled trench roller RTx, operators are fully protected against exhaust emissions, dust and noise pollution during soil compaction.

“The Wacker Neuson machines have caught on at all our construction sites. Everything just fits: the cost/benefit ratio, the service and the reliability of the machines.”

– Sebastian Wolfrum, project manager at Kassecker

DPU Wacker NeusonThe remote-controlled vibratory plate DPU130r is the strongest vibratory plate on the market. With a centrifugal force of 130 kN and an operating width of 120 cm, it attains the productivity of a 7-ton roller.


Walze Wacker NeusonFor the last work step, asphalt compaction, the heavyweights in the Wacker Neuson portfolio were needed: the rollers. The articulated combination roller RD18 with its 100-centimeter wide drum is particularly maneuverable and offers an optimized view in all directions – making it ideal for application on the Munich construction site. Also on hand: the walk-behind dual-vibration roller RD7.


Compacting emission-free

The electric-powered machines for soil compaction are virtually predestined for the construction site in Munich’s inner city. Meanwhile, Wacker Neuson offers three battery-powered vibratory rammers as well as three vibratory plates. All of them have one thing in common: they are powered by the same ultra-modern lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It was specially conceived for the hard work conditions of the construction industry and delivers energy sufficient for all the work that a machine needs to perform on an average workday. If required, the battery can be charged up during the lunch break, or work can continue with a second battery.

Stampfer Wacker Neuson Rüttelplatte und Walze Wacker Neuson







The battery-powered compaction machines of the zero emission range by Wacker Neuson work without direct exhaust emissions and stand for the protection of operators and the environment.

“In recent times, we use more and more electric-powered equipment, and I am certain that this issue will also gain importance in the future. We are happy to go this direction along with Wacker Neuson.”

– Josef Andritzky, managing director at Kassecker


Wacker Neuson is proud to be a global brand. Products and services vary from country to country and may not be available in your local market.

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