Proper compaction – vibratory plates with compaction control

Proper compaction – vibratory plates with compaction control

If new paving stones for the courtyard entrance or a new terrace are planned, good preparation is important. This applies particularly to the subsurface, as every building is only as good as the foundation it stands on. To keep the ground from collapsing after a brief time, vibratory plates are applied for compaction. But how do I carry out proper compaction? This is where vibratory plates with compaction control really come into their own.

Wacker Neuson VerdichtungThanks to their experience, construction site pros know exactly when the ground has reached the proper compaction degree. End users who work with vibratory plates less frequently or for the first time often have difficulty estimating when the ground is fully compacted. This has consequences for the paving stones laid on it: If the vibratory plate is not passed over the surface often enough, the voids in the soil will not be sufficiently minimized. Due to this, load-bearing capacity and stability suffer, among others – the best-known example of this error is probably the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Thus, the goal is to carry out as many passes with the vibratory plate as needed, but at the same time avoid unnecessary passes and over-compaction, which would again destroy the soil structure.

Compaction control as an ideal feature

In order to make it easier for occasional end users on the construction site, Wacker Neuson, as one of the leading manufacturers of vibratory plates, also developed a compaction control in 2014 – known by the name Compatec. This feature allows reliable measurement of the compaction progress, located comfortably within the operator’s field of view. Eight LED lamps indicate the relative compaction progress. When the number of illuminated LEDs no longer increases, the maximum possible compaction with this unit has been achieved – and the next work step can be taken. An additional function is the overload display, which quickly flashes all LEDs if the unit is operated on too hard a soil. This way, the machine is protected from damage.


Compatec – easy, sturdy and reliable

Richtig verdichten mit Wacker NeusonThe Compatec result: the best possible compaction result – regardless of the operator’s experience level. The control system is extremely sturdy and reliable. The electronics are attached to the upper mass in an embedded unit, where they are protected from overly strong vibrations and stone chippings. The system therefore works very reliably and fault-free, the service life of the equipment is extended and the risk of damage is minimized. One doesn’t have to be a pro on the construction site to use vibratory plates with Compatec. And this makes the vibratory plates equipped with this device particularly attractive to companies at which different end users work with the unit, or rental yards.

“Saves a great deal of time and is absolutely reliable!”

Rainer Müller, machine operator at the Matthäus Schmid contracting company, had this experience as well: “Our employees get along very well with Compatec, because the compaction control display provides a very clear work order. In addition, it is very reliable and absolutely free of faults.”

Rüttelplatte Wacker Neuson

As a successful medium-sized family company, the concern has placed its bets on machines by Wacker Neuson for many years. Among these is also the all-rounder among the reversible vibratory plates, the Wacker Neuson DPU6555Hec with Compatec. Andree Albrecht, head of the civil engineering department at Matthäus Schmid, reports: “The compaction control saves us a great deal of time during job site operation. The operator receives information via the easily understandable display about the compaction state of the soil while traveling over it. On the one hand, we save time on unnecessary passes and, on the other hand, the compaction quality on the total area is higher and more uniform from the start.”

“The compaction control saves us a great deal of time during job site operation.

– Andree Albrecht, head of the civil engineering department at Matthäus Schmid

New: Connection of Compatec to Telematics

Rüttelplatte Wacker Neuson

Since March 2020, the Compamatic solution has been available for heavy duty vibratory plates starting with model DPU80 – the combination of the time-tested and proven Compatec compaction control with the EquipCare Telematics solution. Using this, typical questions such as “Where has compaction already been carried out?” and “How high is the degree of compaction?” can be quickly and easily answered from your desk. The managers responsible can check whether all the work steps planned for the workday have been carried out and the surfaces planned have been compacted, and whether the degree of compaction is sufficient everywhere.


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