More productive with safety: telehandlers with driver assistance system VLS

More productive with safety: telehandlers with driver assistance system VLS

It’s clear that overload protection when raising, lowering and transporting with telehandlers means a lot for safety on the construction site. But how does this safety feature go along with productive and efficient work? With a telehandler by Wacker Neuson, it becomes possible, as all models are equipped with the Vertical Lift System (VLS), a driver assistance system that really has it all.

TH412 Grafik Bewegung

Work in flow

Loading materials, transporting building materials, stacking boxes – it’s always then that the driver assistance system VLS plays to its strengths. It’s installed as standard in all Wacker Neuson’s telehandlers. VLS allows operators a fluid working operation and, through a partially automated telescoping movement, supports work in a complex operating environment. The nearly vertical lifting and lowering movement improves the machine’s stability – another plus in day-to-day work on the construction site.

Partially automated telescoping via joystick

What distinguishes VLS from other assistance systems for overload protection?

“With VLS, the operator is well supported in his workflow, as he doesn’t always have to readjust and correct,” product manager Mirco Reif, who is in close communication with customers, knows. “This saves a lot of time. Because where other systems interrupt the working cycle by shutting off the hydraulic function, VLS ensures fluid operating sequences – even with high payloads.”

Stacking mode

PalettengabelThe precise positioning of pallets or other stackable loads is also easily and safely performed with the compact telehandlers by Wacker Neuson. In stacking mode, the loading system is retracted if the angle of inclination is > 40° when lowering. At an inclination angle of < 40°, the loading system only retracts if an overload situation is imminent. All functions can be overridden with the joystick if necessary.

Bucket mode

SchaufelThe bucket mode is designed for the efficient handling of all bulk materials. The ratio of the retraction to lowering movement is designed so that the machine does not go into the overload range, even with maximum payload.



TH412 PalettengabelSafety from a standing position

VLS not only contributes to efficient work, but also ensures additional safety. The driver assistance system increases the stability of the telehandlers. The almost vertical lifting and lowering movement keeps the machine from tipping over, which could otherwise happen due to overload in the longitudinal direction. In addition, the partially automated telescoping movement ensures that the load’s center of gravity remains equal and is always located near the machine. This way, the operator has one less thing to worry about. And: the speed of work is not interrupted by the safety feature.



Allows for quick rethinking

“Especially inexperienced drivers receive valuable support from VLS,” Mirco Reif adds. “But quick rethinking is also required when changing operators. If the machine can partly contribute to making operation intuitive – and especially safer – then this is already a big win. But even experienced drivers benefit too: with VLS, they can work even faster and more safely.”

Learn more about the Vertical Lift System in the video:


Flexible, maneuverable, powerful

No matter what kind of application – the telehandlers TH412, TH522 and TH627 with around four, five and six meters stacking height can implement fast materials handling thanks to their high performance. In addition, the machines are outstanding particularly for their small dimensions, simple operation and maneuverability. The width and height of all three models are less than two meters, thus making them ideally suited to applications in confined spaces.

TH412 PalettengabelThe telehander TH412 is versatile in use.


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