Experts in discussion: What are the advantages of the Dual View Dumper?

Experts in discussion: What are the advantages of the Dual View Dumper?

Dumpers – also called dump trucks – are very well known in the construction industry and very popular due to their numerous advantages in transporting material. The concept of the “Dual View” Dumper is totally new. In addition to the typical advantages such as flexible application areas, off-road capability and cost advantages, the Dual View Dumpers by Wacker Neuson add one more: a seat and control panel you can rotate by 180 degrees. Stefan Kurzmann, product expert on dumpers at Wacker Neuson, explains in an interview how customers can work even more safely and efficiently with it.

Mr. Kurzmann, you are the expert on dumpers at Wacker Neuson. What is so special about the Dual View?

With the Dual View dumpers, we have launched an innovation on the market that has never existed before: our three Dual View models DV60, DV90 and DV100 with six, nine and ten metric tons of payload. All three models have a special feature: The operator can easily rotate the entire operating and seat console by 180 degrees, thus changing his forward travel and viewing direction. For us, the customer benefits are always our focus when designing and developing new products, and that was also the case here.

For what applications is the Dual View dumper particularly well-suited?

Dumpers are used for material transport as compact and flexible machines on many construction sites, especially in inner cities, for applications in tunnels or on heavily trafficked roads. The transport routes are often tight and the work area is very restricted here: Material needs to be transported to a certain location via a narrow access road and deposited there. Then the operator must turn the machine around in a limited space. This daily challenge was the starting point of our ideas for the Dual View concept. The result is the Dual View dumper with a rotating seat console. What is very important, by the way, is that we also incorporated the opinions of customers from different countries during the design and development stages


What are the advantages of the new concept?

The rotating seat position results in various advantages. One advantage is that the operator always looks in exactly the direction in which he is travelling. He always has the working area and the route in view. This means more safety for the entire material transport process. In addition, there is no longer any need to turn after loading or unloading the skip, which increases the level of safety on the construction site as well. Moreover, the operator can have the fully loaded skip behind him, as with a truck, so that there are no obstructions in the line-of-sight.

As maneuvering after filling or unloading can sometimes also take a while, using Dual View dumpers can result in tremendous time savings and therefore also cost advantages. We optionally offer a protective grating on the skip, which protects the operator and the cabin from falling material or protects against damage from an excavator bucket. The dumpers are available as canopy versions with a fold-down ROPS roll-over protective structure or also with a ROPS & FOPS Level 2 cabin. The cabin offers the operator a high level of comfort as well as safety – for example, protection from rain or strong light, as the windows are tinted all around. The operator is also protected from penetrating material thanks to the bonding safety glass in the front and rear.


The Dual View Dumper cabin can stand up to a lot: Here you can see how the Dumper DV60 stands up to the bucket of a 14.5-metric ton excavator.

How does the rotating seat work in practice for the operator?

It is particularly important for us to design the seat rotation to be as simple as possible for the operator. The operator simply flips a lever, laterally grabs one of several handles and turns the seat to the new position with a little push. The entire control panel also rotates with the seat, i.e. the joystick, the steering wheel and the pedals. Switching logic then adapts functions such as steering and travel direction, turn signals and reversing alarm to the new seat position automatically, so that there are no changes to the machine operation for the operator.

In the video, you can view the simple and intuitive operation of the rotating seat, as well as all the other technical features of the innovative dumper.


Did you know? The Dual View Dumpers were even awarded the European Rental Award in the category “Rental Product of the Year” in 2020! Find out more here.


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