Electric construction machines impress in practical test in Stuttgart inner city

Electric construction machines impress in practical test in Stuttgart inner city

A renovation of the marketplace in the midst of the inner city that should take place as quietly and emission-free as possible? Unimaginable before this, possible today. The electric construction machines and equipment of the zero emission series prove in the practical test that, due to their output, easy handling and low-noise operation, they are a practical alternative in the daily work of a construction site. A visit to an urban-friendly construction site with absolutely no exhaust emissions.

In the heart of Stuttgart’s inner city, between City Hall and the Stiftskirche, there is a construction site. The marketplace is being renovated, and by summer 2022, it should be brighter, friendlier and more modern. A challenge: the renovation should happen with as little noise as possible, and emission-free. For this reason, the responsible construction company LEONHARD WEISS, Wacker Neuson’s partner of many years, is testing all electric construction machines in the zero emission family.


Simon Schall, Head of Central Machine Technology LEONHARD WEISS“It really pleases us that the electric machines and equipment have the same output as conventional ones. In the daily starting up, there are fewer maintenance points than for equipment with combustion engines. Drivers or operators can
find their way around much more easily in the machine.”

– Simon Schall, head of Central Machine Technology at LEONHARD WEISS


The electric construction machines and equipment of the zero emission series by Wacker Neuson

The entire zero emission portfolio – from the battery-powered rammer to the electric excavator – is put into use on the construction site.



Electric construction machines: compact, excavate, and transport without local emissions

On the construction site in Stuttgart, the battery-powered rammers and battery-powered plates, time-tested and proven on the market since 2015, including the new APS series, were put into application for soil compaction. The track dumper DT10e, the wheel dumper DW15e and the wheel loader WL20e made possible the efficient transport of material without direct exhaust emissions and with extremely low noise emissions. For work involving excavated material and demolition, the zero tail excavator EZ17e was available. With high-quality lithium ion technology, the electric construction machine can handle the high requirements for performance, durability and sturdiness.

Here, you can find the video on the emission-free application in Stuttgart:

The cooperation of many years and collaboration with LEONHARD WEISS are greatly instructive and important. Since 2015, Wacker Neuson has offered emission-free working construction machines and equipment – currently, there are 15 different models. They all offer the same performance as their conventional counterparts. In the area of construction equipment, meanwhile, three battery-powered rammers and six vibratory plates can be operated with the same high-performance and sturdy lithium ion battery. This way, the battery can be replaced in no time or used in another model: ideal for a flexible day at work. Also, economic advantages are the result – there’s a reason that it’s called #switchtoeconomical in the zero emission family. The electric engines are particularly low-maintenance and extremely efficient. The zero emission solutions provide low operating and energy costs and offer a variety of applications. It’s worth it to switch!


Kai Hieber, sales manager for the southwest region at Wacker Neuson. “Feedback from the users on the construction site is of huge importance for us,”



– Kai Hieber, sales manager for the southwest region at Wacker Neuson.



Emission-free electric construction machines are the future

Electric construction machines and equipment can help in complying with the increasingly more strictly regulated limit values for exhaust emissions and noise emissions on construction sites, as no local exhaust emissions are created. In addition, battery-powered construction machines are up to 20 decibels* quieter than their gasoline-powered counterparts. This is an extreme reduction, as ten decibels less means half the perceived volume.
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* Emission sound pressure level (LpA): this specifies the noise emission of the equipment at the work area directly assigned to it, for example in the cabin or operator’s cab.


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