Dual View Dumper excites in application

Dual View Dumper excites in application

Loading, looking around, reversing, maneuvering, turning, driving forward, unloading and repeating everything again – this is what a typical work sequence when transporting material with a dumper on the construction site looks like. But how can this process be shortened and made easier? Wacker Neuson offers an innovative solution: the Dual View dumper. They are used by customers in a wide range of applications, including dike construction works in Northern Germany.

In 2013, a disaster occurred in the greater Stendal area in Northern Germany when the town of Weißewarte was literally “up to its neck in water.” The town was flooded by water from the Elbe and Tanger rivers. The nearby wildlife park was also flooded. The draining and reconstruction work lasted many months. Everyone was afraid of another flood. In the future, dikes should protect residents from flooding. This work requires large quantities of cohesive soils, sand, gravel and grit, which have to be transported to the construction site on narrow paths.

This requires precise maneuvering of the construction machines, since there is often little room to turn or maneuver. In 2019, a Dual View dumper DV90 from Wacker Neuson with rotating seat console became the helper during the dike construction. Steffen Stappenbeck, managing director of Cont-Trans Entsorgungs GmbH headquartered in Tangerhütte, Northern Germany, procured the machine for the dike construction work. He was immediately excited by the innovative concept of the 180-degree rotating control panel – without having ever seen or tested the Dual View dumper DV90.

The Wacker Neuson dumpers impressed us with their efficiency output and flexibility.”
– Steffen Stappenbeck, Managing Director Cont-Trans Entsorgungs GmbH

Steffen Stappenbeck emphasized that flexible, maneuverable and reliable machines are needed for the dike construction work. The Dual View dumper on which the entire seat console can be rotated by 180 degrees, is therefore ideal for the work to be done.

Dual View Dumper in Application

“The first time I heard about the Dual View dumpers, I was immediately convinced,” says Steffen Stappenbeck. “I thought the notion of a rotating seat was extremely innovative and I could immediately imagine that this machine would make our construction work on the dike easier.” So I decided to buy one of the machines – without having seen it live in action beforehand. Thanks to the 180-degree rotation of the seat as well as the entire control panel, the operator can leave the skip with the material behind him as with a truck and transport it to the dike construction site. Once arrived at the site of application, the operator rotates the seat back so that he has a full view of the skip. The high tip skip can then be raised and rotated while driving: The material is unloaded at the edge of the path in a targeted manner while driving.

“It makes our work much easier and it’s a lot of fun to drive it. We use the Dual View dumper from Wacker Neuson every day.”
– Willi Lipka, employee from the company Cont-Trans


Wacker Neuson offers three models of the Dual View dumper with the innovative rotating seat: DV60, DV90 and DV100 with six to ten metric tons of payload. This results in a wide range of fields of application for the Dual View dumper.


Did you know? The Dual View Dumpers were even awarded the European Rental Award in the category “Rental Product of the Year” in 2020! Find out more here.


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