Construction machine battery by Wacker Neuson: one for all, all with one

Construction machine battery by Wacker Neuson: one for all, all with one

No cables, flexible and always ready for action at any time on the construction site: the high-quality, lithium-ion, rechargeable battery by Wacker Neuson makes this possible. Now, with only one construction machine battery, several machines can be operated. And soon, it will be more.

Back in 2015, Wacker Neuson made a splash with the first battery-powered rammer worldwide on the market. “With this, we laid the foundation for further developments in the area of electrical construction equipment,” says Stefan Pfetsch, managing director of Wacker Neuson Produktion GmbH in Reichertshofen, the center of expertise in compaction machines within the Wacker Neuson Group. Today, the modular system of the zero emission product range includes ten machines: three battery-powered rammers and six vibratory plates for soil compaction, as well as an internal vibrator system for concrete consolidation. They are all operated with one battery, which can be used in the machines on a modular basis. Thus, you only have to invest once in the battery charger.

Well protected and charged

To ensure that the heart of the machines, the construction machine battery, is also well protected throughout the tough everyday work on a construction site, two Wacker Neuson Systainers are available: a transport box and a charging box with integrated quick battery charger. Inside the Systainers, the battery and battery charger are securely protected from soiling and damage. The transport box was UN-certified specially for Wacker Neuson and fits the battery exactly. In the charging box, the lithium ion batteries can be recharged with the integrated quick battery charger in just under two hours – in time for the next application. The Systainers are stackable and thus particularly compact and easy to store. To use them: just take them out and get started – and afterwards, the batteries can be stowed again in no time.

Energy for a whole day on the construction site

No compromises have to be made using the battery equipment, as the sturdy lithium-ion battery is designed to deliver sufficient energy for the tasks that come up for a machine on an average workday. Here, the construction machine battery doesn’t have to shy away from comparison with a conventional model – because there are no disadvantages of any kind. Meanwhile, the battery is offered in two performance ranges – the more powerful model BP1400 has an energy content of 1400 Wh. The compaction performance is constant from the first to the last minute of work. In addition, there’s no memory effect: even after several partial discharges, the capacity of the battery remains at the same level.

Akku Einsatz

The battery can easily handle an entire workday.

Unbeatable in the long term

AS50e AS60e Akku

The operator is also reliably positioned in matters of handling. The battery can be changed in a flash; a quick hand movement is enough. Also, the machines can be started simply and reliably at the push of a button. The engine driving the machines is completely maintenance-free. Typical maintenance costs, such as for conventional vibratory rammers or plates, are eliminated. The savings in energy costs can also be seen – for battery-powered rammers, for example, this figure is at 65 percent.

Performance in a backpack

Whoever wants to feel a new freedom when consolidating concrete should take one step further and get the battery on his back. The backpack system for Wacker Neuson internal vibrators makes this possible and, since Spring 2021, comes in a weight that has again been significantly reduced. As the user carries the powerful lithium-ion battery in a converter backpack (ACBe) directly on his person, he can move with total freedom. Tripping hazards and safety risks due to cables in wet concrete now belong to the past. See for yourself the application of the internal vibrator for a pool construction project:

Wacker Neuson ACBe

The backpack system for internal vibrators: Wacker Neuson ACBe

A strong partnership

With its modular battery system, Wacker Neuson doesn’t just have easy use in mind, however. It involves a lot more. “Even today, with our zero emission range, an entire inner-city construction site can be operated without direct exhaust emissions, which is a valuable contribution to reaching climate goals,” explains Alexander Greschner, Sales Director of the Wacker Neuson Group. Because this topic is vitally important to the Group, it has entered into a cooperative project. This means the modular construction machine battery will be usable independent of the manufacturer as of fall 2021. “By offering other manufacturers the use of our battery, we will further accelerate the expansion of construction equipment that works emission-free,” adds Stefan Pfetsch.


Wacker Neuson is proud to be a global brand. Products and services vary from country to country and may not be available in your local market.

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